Never Settle

Around 50 million people in the world have epilepsy. At the age of 15 I became one of those statistical numbers. Most of us are controlled by either treatment (medication) and others,if neurologist are able to locate the exact location of the disturbance, can be operated on and not have them anymore. Many people live afraid since sometimes these neurological disturbances can come without warning so some lives can be put on hold. I will be honest i was one of those who felt fear and put certain things of my life on pause. Driving was one thing I had a hard time achieving. Thoughts of ‘what would happen if i got behind the wheel’ or even like what would happen if i was ever at work and i had a seizure ? Well im here to tell you that it did happen at work. It was quite painful as i hurt my arm and gave myself a concussion. I was out of work for 3 weeks. Finally i said i need to go back i cant stay at home all day. But here is the funny part of this story. Where some might see it as a curse i see it as a blessing. Without that moment happening to me i never would have discovered my hidden talents of making small business logos or graphics heck or even that i can produce my own music. For that i thank God. With all this i say dont ever think about the why this or why that ? Instead think about how i will use the moment to my advantage!!! Keep moving forward!!!

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I would like to first thank you (the reader) for stopping by and joining me in an adventure that will keep you wanting more each day. In this page I blog about daily life experiences, motivations, words of wisdom and even some sports in the mix. To say my blog is limited is far from being true. You the reader can reach out to me in my personal email with any topic you wish to be seen in my blog. Just send me an email to and you too can be a part of the adventure !!

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