While growing up mostly after my teen years i would say early 20’s I enjoyed (in fact still do) enjoy electronics. The thing i never noticed about my love for it was the fact that i also changed them often. For example if i had an iphone and the next one came out i wanted it or if i had some headphones and a different model came out i wanted it. There was something about that change that was not registering in my mind except for spending the money to do it.

Fast forward a few years now in my 30’s was still in that habit until finally one day it was like a lightbulb that turned on inside and God spoke to me. It was in very few words but very simple. It went like this, If I created you in my image and I am perfect why would I change you in any way ?

Change comes when something is broken or can no longer be fixed or even beyond repairs. Why fix what needs not fixing or replace what still is in working order? You will know what needs changing as you continue in life. Such as old habits or maybe your job no longer suits your needs which in this case would be a dry brook and so you need to find that ocean that will bring back that provision. Take your time analyzing your current situation and as God to guide you in the direction you need to go. Dont be afraid to change your life habits or your ways of thinking to get to where you need to be in life. But just remember to do that, you dont need to change who you are personally just be yourself.

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