Dont Stop Me Now

Theres always a time in our lives where it doesn’t matter in what area of life we are in it always seems like there is something in the way of our growth and stability. When we were kids it was understood because we were still learning. Now as adults we take those things learned fight for what we feel will help us get through in life. As Freddy Mercury once sang in his song “Dont stop me now”, he was living the life ! I can feel this song but in such a way where i can get much deeper. When he first started on his journey it was frowned upon by his Father and later on when he became successful his father then learned to accept it. So i see it as a message to everyone who is out there in this world where they think they have limitations or feel their family and or friends might stop them, dont even think about pressing the breaks !! Steer on forward full speed ! Reach your passion and goals ! Dont use your words but instead use your actions ! Take advice with a grain of salt because remember your friends may be your friends and your family may be your family but only you know the true desires of your heart. Freddy Mercury followed through with the desire of his heart he wanted to be a musical artist and perform. He went through many ups and downs but in the end made his dream come true. Traveled the world and showed us all one thing that if you follow your dreams and your heart you can achieve anything.

Great things are ahead

We have all faced hardships especially during this time of the pandemic either because we arent working or we got sick or whatever reason but when we remember the key thing of the fact that we are alive, it’s wonderful. Why ? Because its another chance at success. Another chance to plan and build for a better tomorrow. Life is never going to be easy and it will always throw curb balls at you but just remember as long as you have another day to breath you have another day to fight and be victorious!!!! Never give up !

Fight the good fight !

I appreciate each one of you for continuing to support my page despite my absence i have been though what writers call “writers block” its hard to recover from those but let me tell you it gets easier once you think of those hero writers that suffered through the same thing but came back strong ! Thats my message to all of you today. Writers or not remember that in life you will face a blocking time you will fall and you may even fail but dont worry take this as an inspiration i fell so many times in life but i got back up dusted off and kept the fight going. Thats what a fighter does he keeps hitting back until victory is achieved!!! At work coworkers will belittle you or make you feel like you are inferior and this next thing will be hard to accept but to those who care so much about what others say…. Dont ! Yes thats right dont worry about them. Its you who should care you arent there to please or entertain anyone. Only you know how hard you can hit and get hit. Dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise. The way i learned this is by showing them they are wrong. I say this because you dont cancel negative with negative you will create a bigger spark ! Energy is created with a negative and positive and from there it’s determined which one of the two will dominate. You can make it through dont let a wall stop you from seeing your goal. I believe in each and every one of you ! Thank you for your time. God Bless.

The Voice not Heard

A voice is something we all have whether we can speak or sign. Its our most powerful ally and can be our worst enemy as well. Knowing how to use our “voice” will determine if we go far or fall behind. Challenge yourself there is so much going on in the world today because our voice is not heard. Our tongue however is like a double edge sword be wise in your words.

Postive vs. Negative

What is the difference ? How are you influenced by them? Many of us bloggers have hundreds if not thousands heck even millions of fans or followers. Great right ? Well as many already know, having a huge following or fan base does not always equal to positive influence. In fact there are those that follow only to make negative comments that are meant to bring you down and force you to quit so they in turn can get a larger follow. Nasty right ? I will be real and raw with you. I have a following here of 107 fans. Doesnt seem like a lot ? Well think about this, was Rome built in a day ? Is a house built on just sand ? No, it needs a foundation and the foundation is your fans ! Keep doing what you do post what is in your heart. Five people might say negative things but ten will be positive. Remember to always focus on those who care about the message you send. Those are the ones who will help you build yourself strong !!! Stay Bless everyone.


To all my readers ! Im back again asking for help. My recent attempts to raise funds failed i thought i would give it another shot. You all are my followers and dedicated fans so what better place to start then my Word Press family ! If you would like to donate click on the link above every little bit helps thank you so much in advance.


The word itself feels big just when you enunciate it. Just as it sounds its how big of a problem it is too. Millions of people hoard for different reasons but one main reason remains in common with most is a loss in the family. When going through a loss there are steps like cope with it or face it head on. Its good to cry yell express your feelings because if not then you will surely keep it inside and it will manifest in other ways like hoarding. I have learned to cope with the loss of my mother, i was 29 when she passed away in my arms but with the help of my family i was able to minimize everything that was my mom’s and stay with just a few key items to remind me of her. Remember if ever you need someone to talk to pick up the phone call a friend or family member vent and i guarantee you will feel more at peace.

My thoughts

I wondered what it would be like to fly during a pandemic. I recently had that chance and it makes you more think about just taking a bus or driving. People become so irritated and i dont wanna say for no reason because i get it we are in a pandemic but thats just it we all are in it not just you! If we all work together respect each other and their space things can go much easier.

Life lesson

One your partner refuses to be with you at your lowest dont allow them to be there during your highest. Because just like weed is poison to all the plants it surrounds so are people when they kick you when your down. If you let them in during your success they will surely look to take that away. Have a great day fans ! Thanks so much for being a part of my blog