Crowdfund To all my readers ! Im back again asking for help. My recent attempts to raise funds failed i thought i would give it another shot. You all are my followers and dedicated fans so what better place to start then my Word Press family ! If you would like to donate click onSigue leyendo «Crowdfund»

New group alert !!

You’re invited to my new group ‘Living with Disabilities’ on GroupMe. Click here to join: To all my fans and followers above you will find a link to my new group called living with disabilities! Its a discussion group where we help each one of us grow from disabled to enabled !! Click theSigue leyendo «New group alert !!»

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In every relationship especially married there must be communication and attention. Know which direction you both want to take. For this and more, subscribe ! I will not only support you with some knowledge and experience of mine but you can email me as well for a more personal experience!! To all who are currentSigue leyendo «Welcome to Premium !»

Being straightforward

Fellow readers and bloggers im not going to beat around the bush im just going to be straight forward with you always and honest. My stories and even other posts all come from real life experiences and the struggles i faced. I will daily continue to write so you all can be satisfied and rewardedSigue leyendo «Being straightforward»